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Fueling the Fires

The Moosehead Lake region consists of thousands and thousands of acres of paper company woodlands. For a ten dollar permit, you can get a truck load of fire wood. Or find that perfect Christmas Tree! Contact the regional Plum Creek office at (207) 695-2241 for permits and information

SunsetAutumn's Splendor

Fall is a time for wildlife to scurry in preparation for winter and vacationers to pack up and head home from camp . . . or is it? The Moosehead Lake Region is bustling with activity in the Autumn months when other areas are starting to button up for the coming winter. Hunting season peaks, fishing is productive, and the foliage is absolutely stunning during the latter part of the year.

Hunting Haven

Located in the heart of the wildlife region, the Moosehead Lake Region boasts some of the best hunting grounds in the Northeast. The vast, uninhabited woods are home to prized game while the overlay of back country roads provides accessibility. Besides world trophy class whitetail deer, hunters can also enjoy the thrill of pursuing black bear, partridge, and moose. Black bear season kicks off the Fall in September and lasts through November, followed by deer archery, partridge, and moose seasons in October, and deer firearms season in November. For more information visit the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife »

Kineo in fall

Cast Away

Fall fishing is a favorite among fishermen looking to catch the last of the year’s open water fish. The Kennebec and Moose Rivers turn out bountiful fly fishing catches, while the lakes offer a placid refuge for the fresh water angler.

Leaf-Peeping and Photography

Striking out on a meandering country road with a camera in hand is the perfect way to spend a fall day in the mountains of Maine. Photograph the images of bold, vibrant autumn leaves set against the blue hue of the northern sky that you’ll want to remember for a lifetime. If photography is your passion, make sure to check out Gallery on the Lake. 

Local photographers' works are on display and for sale at GALLERY ON THE LAKE in case you’d rather buy those captured natural images. 

Crunching Leaves Under Foot

Autumn is, perhaps, the most enjoyable season to hike our region’s plethora of sky reaching mountains. The weather is cool, the air is crisp. Wildlife is teaming, yet the bugs have gone. The elaborately painted landscapes seen from the tops of mountains, such as Little Spencer, Big Moose, Moxie, and White Cap are unsurpassed.

Fly Over Foliage

PlanesFall is the most spectacular time of year to take a sea plane ride above the lakes. Soar over this marvelous mountainous watershed, get a bird’s eye view of the most remote wild lands New England boasts, and see wildlife roaming amongst its natural setting. More at Currier’s Flying Service, Folsom’s Air Service (207-695-2821), and Jack’s Air Service.